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Television has always been the best way for advertisers to launch new products, to grow brands and to drive sales!

Despite the plethora of new media options, television remains an essential communications tool for advertisers. Television can capture the attention of your target audience in a host of exciting ways. There's a TV solution to suit your objectives and your budget.

TV is the No.1 Medium
- Television is in virtually every Australian household (99%) and is an integral part of our culture and society

On average, Australians spend around 3 hours a day watching TV on a TV set
- 87.8% watching broadcast TV on a TV set

TV delivers advertisers unbeatable scale
- 15 Million people across Australia watch commercial TV on their TV sets every day

TV reaches more consumers
- 84.3% of total people in regional markets

Ads on a TV command more attention
- Multi screen users pay more attention to ads they see on TV than any other screen

TV ads 4x more engaging than Facebook
- 25% more likely to try or buy brands after seeing TV advertisement

People trust the TV environment
- 37% rate TV the most trustworthy medium - with trustworthiness growing 5% since 2012

TV evokes emotion
- TV's emotive power of moving images and sound means more consumers are likely to engage with your brand

TV ads are the most talked about
- Ads on TV are most likely to drive conversation

TV is the social media
- Almost 1 in 3 social media users talk about TV on at least a weekly basis

TV has the greatest influence
- 63% of Australians nominate TV advertising as the biggest influence on their decision to purchase

Source: Think TV